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Wild Thing: Going Nuclear, Special Edition


When the SL-1 nuclear reactor blew up it killed three young military men, spread radiation over thousands of acres, and left the government and the military scrambling for answers. In Wild Thing: Going Nuclear, host Laura Krantz uses science, history and culture to explore this sixty-year-old story, while probing the realities of atomic energy today. We’ll analyze our own fascination— and ambivalence—with all things nuclear. What are the true risks? What are the potential rewards? Given our nature, are we humans even responsible enough to harness the power of the universe—and should we?

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Wild Thing: Season One, Special Edition


Believe in Bigfoot? Think it’s total BS? Host Laura Krantz spent a year in the woods and in the lab, trying to answer that question. What she found might surprise even the staunchest non-believer.

This legendary creature represents a mystery that still captures our imaginations and Sasquatch is as popular now as it’s ever been. Companies market Bigfoot-themed goods: beer, television shows, bikes, coffee, socks...erotica. People slap “I believe” bumper stickers on their cars and kayaks and binge-watch Bigfoot-themed reality shows.
Part of this is tongue-in-cheek—Bigfoot as hipster accessory. But many people take Sasquatch seriously. Very seriously. Primatologists, naturalists, academics—perfectly rational people who swear to his existence and know he (she? it?) is real.

Veteran public radio producer Laura Krantz has met them. Wild Thing is Laura’s journey into the world of Bigfoot, introducing us to the true believers and the I-want-to-believers, while seeking to explore why this creature ignites our imaginations, where that fascination comes from and why it persists.

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Wild Thing: Space Invaders, Special Edition


Think there’s aliens out there? You’re not alone. Reports of strange lights, UFO sightings and alien encounters abound—and some (like the recent accounts from U.S. Navy pilots) are even believable. And in recent years, armed with state-of-the-art technology and better information, the search for extraterrestrials overflows with exciting possibilities. Within our own solar system, astrobiologists search for the biochemical building blocks that might sustain microbes. Astronomers discover far-flung stars, orbited by planets that could be teeming with life. And astrophysicists point sophisticated (and expensive) telescopes toward the deep reaches of the universe, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

In Wild Thing:Space Invaders, host Laura Krantz turns our collective gaze skyward. What’s the likelihood of life on other planets? Or that aliens have already made the trip to visit us? How would they get here? Why do we want to find them? And what does it mean if we do (or don’t)? We’ll examine the science, culture and philosophy of a universe where we’re not alone—and why the idea of alien life has abducted our imaginations.

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